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The Ohio State University College of Nursing
Nurses considering a run for office often ask, “But where do I begin?” In 2021, Lisa Summers, PhD, RN and Kimberly Gordon, DNP, veteran nurse activists, founded a non-partisan, non-profit group – Healing Politics - to help nurses who want to seek public office.
The American Journal of Nursing
Read more to find out what’s stopping nurses from throwing their hats into the political ring and what Healing Politics is doing about that.
The Handoff Podcast
Lisa and Kimberly discuss how nurses' experiences in clinical settings, their ability to establish trust, and their systems thinking make them ideal candidates for elected positions
The Nurse Keith Show
Nurse Keith interviews Kimberly Gordon, an accountant turned nurse, who is the co-founder of Healing Politics.
North State Law
The February newsletter made an appeal for all nurses in the state to let their voices be heard by attending events and reaching out to elected officials within the state. The non-profit Healing Politics takes that a step further...
Ask Nurse Alice
Kimberly sits down with Nurse Alice Benjamin of to discuss how Healing Politics is working to help nurses to run for office.

The Healing Politics Campaign School for Nurses & Midwives February Fundraiser

Love a nurse? Love a midwife? Empower 50 of them.