Our Name

Healing Politics is our big audacious goal.  Nurses are superb communicators, empathetic listeners, and persistent consensus builders.  Whether the subject is education, housing, public transportation, or the environment, nurses see their communities through the eyes of their patients and are acutely aware of how these social determinants of health impact their patients and communities.  We believe that nurses and midwives, bringing this set of skills and their unique perspective to politics, can begin to heal what divides us and bring about better health for all.

Our Logo

The logo brings together red and blue, signifying the non-partisan nature of our efforts.  

Why a stethoscope? 

In 2015, one of the hosts of a morning talk show mocked a finalist in the Miss America competition, a RN, for wearing “a doctor’s stethoscope.”  That precipitated an incredibly successful social media campaign called “Show Your Stethoscope.”

It is emblematic of the struggle we face:  the public trusts nurses, but has limited understanding of the complexity of nursing practice.  

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