Healing Politics is pleased to announce the 2024 Campaign School for Nurses & Midwives was another resounding success!

We are so grateful to our hosts at  Polis: Center for Politics at Duke University’s Sanford School of Public Policy in Durham, NC and to all of our sponsors.

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We will demystify the process and offer support before and after the Campaign School! While the 2.5-day, in-person Campaign School is the centerpiece of our training program, it isn’t the entire program. There are virtual pre- and post-sessions as well.

Approximately six weeks before the Campaign School, we will hold a virtual session to help you prepare for the Campaign School so you can make the most of your time there. We will answer the 10 Questions You Must Ask Yourself Before Running and we will dig into fundraising. You will leave the session with a plan to raise your tuition.
Four weeks after the Campaign School we will meet virtually for a follow up session. Did something make sense when you were sitting in the class room but not when you applied it to your district? After giving your GOTV plan more thought, do you have additional questions? Has anyone used this digital platform before? We are (still) here for you!

Over two and a half days of training and role play, we will dig deeply into these topics: 

Thank you to our Sponsors

Organizational sponsors:

Scholorships sponsored by:

Jared Kamrass

Principal, Technicolor Political

Individual Sponsors:

Andrea Brassard

Associate Professor Organizational Systems and Adult Health.

The University of Maryland School of Nursing

Darlene Curley

Maine State legislator 2002-2007

Advisor, Center for Health Policy at Columbia University

Anne McDermott & Robert Byrne

Previous Campaign School Trainings

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The inaugural Healing Politics Campaign School for Nurses & Midwives
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